Pandemic Times: Life in Quarantine

Without a doubt, every one of us is having to adjust daily to a new normal. It brings with it a level of uncertainty as it has the potential to continue to change everyday. What each of us can do is foster and maintain our highest level of humanity. Our connection to each other. Though circumstances may have changed how we connect, we still have the power to reach out, to check in, to offer advice, or just a listening ear. We can also find ways to inspire each other to find new ways to be, to explore untapped ideas and potential, to pick up the things we've always wanted to find time to nourish. There's no time like the present.


We don't know when or how yet, but we will get better. In more ways than one, as we will have had time to reflect while we heal. In the meantime, I hope somehow to inspire you in some way, as I continue to create, continue to seek and share my inspiration, and as I try to imagine ways to pack love and healing into every single order I ship. I'm taking extra precautions with your orders, and I'm brainstorming how I can help your community and mine, how my work can transform to benefit our big picture. And I'm open to your ideas and input on how I can do that. Take care of you and us.


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For official information and updates on the global pandemic, visit the WHO (World Health Organization) website.